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Hair transplant is widely done in different parts of Jajpur since a long period. Jajpur is now the place of choice to get hair transplantation done by people of other parts of India and also abroad. A group of young, talented and highly skilled hair transplant surgeons have made Jajpur the best destination of affordable and famous hair restoration. Lumen Beauty is a cosmetic surgery and hair transplant clinic in Jajpur has gained its popularity by offering dozens of successful restorations under short period of time.

Lumen Beauty is a renowned center for hair transplantation in Jajpur offers quality assured hair transplant at an affordable price. Clarity and privacy of cases are maintained.

Hair Transplantation is the process of redistribution of genetically resistant hair from the back and side portions of the head to the bald area. At Lumen Beauty, our modern infrastructure and world-class surgeons, make us one of the best hair transplant clinics in Jajpur. Our patients have had seamless hair transplant procedures with us using our modern methods.

We ensure that our centers are well equipped with all latest and modern infrastructure and never compromise on quality. Our commitment to giving the best and our well designed process with our rich expertise makes us the best hair transplant clinic in Jajpur.

We chose our center locations carefully and our Jajpur center is a good example of the same with its location right at the heart of the city and easily accessible by road and metro. Our staff will give you expert advice and tell you about all the factors forming the cost of hair transplant. Your search for the best hair transplant surgeon in Jajpur ends at Lumen Beauty. To get detailed information about how much it costs, please contact our clinic today.